Category: Sports Injuries

David H.

Nov19th 2020

But thanks to Dr. Fleming and Kathleen I am now able to go back to the gym and use free weights, machines, swim, and play squash etc.

Cameron A.

Nov19th 2020

I hurt something in my back at a football game one time and it hurt real bad. Could barely move and it was hard to do many activities as I once had. But now, I’m glad to say, Kathleen helped me get to where I can run, jump, practice and do many more than I could before

Bethany M.

Nov19th 2020

I was unable to sleep comfortably, driving was painful and playing volleyball was painful. Many of my duties at home became intolerable. After completing PT I now have my freedom back. I’m able to do all the house duties, sports and can now sleep comfortably.