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Our team of Gloversville physical therapists at Fleming Physical Therapy are highly experienced, offering specialized treatment services for any pain, injury, or discomfort you may be feeling. We truly value our patients, who have found high levels of success in our treatment services, due to our implementation of advanced technology and methods.

At Fleming Physical Therapy, we use sophisticated diagnostic methods, such as movement and gait analysis, to help determine how to best help you feel better. Our thorough evaluations lead to successful treatment plans for your pain relief, healing, and future injury prevention needs.

Our Gloversville physical therapy clinic is located at 53 Arterial Plaza, making it a commonly frequented spot for pain relief. Our dedicated staff members are eager to help you recover. Call our office at 518-921-4189 or click here to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Schenectady physical therapists today. We will be happy to meet with you and create a treatment plan for your journey toward health, healing, and pain relief.

Treating patients in Gloversville

Physical therapy can be highly effective in relieving pain by providing the types of treatments you may need when your pain makes it hard to move around and do everyday tasks. The goal of Fleming Physical Therapy is to make your daily tasks and activities easier. For example, we may help you with walking, going upstairs, or getting in and out of bed.

In addition, physical therapy often provides the best treatment for a variety of different conditions, injuries, and pains, not only providing relief but also teaching you techniques to prevent re-injury and avoid pain in the future. Our Gloversville physical therapy treatments help you move better and will relieve your pain. They also help improve or restore your physical function and your fitness level.

  • Sciatica and Back Pain Relief Schenectady, Amsterdam, and Gloversville, NY


    While back pain may come and go, it is always important to treat it right away. If not, it can lead to poor joint movement, core weakness, and poor muscle coordination.

  • Shoulder Pain Relief Schenectady, Amsterdam, and Gloversville, NY


    There are numerous reasons why someone may experience shoulder pain, and the severity can range from the temporary discomfort of a pulled muscle to the agonizing bone-on-bone friction of arthritis.

  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Schenectady, Amsterdam, and Gloversville, NY


    Pain felt in the knees may originate in the joints themselves, but it may also be a result of an underlying condition in another part of the body. Our physical therapy treatments can help to greatly reduce your knee pain.

Gloversville Physical Therapists

Meet our team!

Our dedicated team consists of leading experts in the physical therapy Gloversville area, any of whom would be happy to work with you on whatever you may be struggling with. Our Gloversville physical therapists will work hard, not only to get to the root of your problems and provide quality treatment for the pain you are currently experiencing, but they will also use their abilities to provide you with injury prevention services for the future. They are compassionate, caring, and ambitious toward helping you reach your highest level of performance with the least possible amount of discomfort.

Fleming Physical Therapy is here for you

If you are in the Gloversville area, or any of the surrounding areas, and you are looking for relief, look no further. Fleming Physical Therapy is here to help as one of the most favored Gloversville physical therapy practices.

At Fleming Physical Therapy, we have one mission: helping you reach your highest physical potential. Our treatment plans are aimed toward the achievement of your goals, taking into account your symptoms, medical history, and any health restrictions you may have.

Call our office at 518-921-4189 to schedule an appointment with one of our Gloversville physical therapists today. We will be happy to meet with you and create a treatment plan for your journey toward health, healing, and pain relief.

At the end of the day, the Fleming Physical Therapy team is here to help you, every step along the way. Our success is dependent upon your success, and we strive to create a warm, welcoming environment where you can comfortably heal.

We look forward to watching you achieve your recovery, health, and fitness goals! With our care and commitment, we know that is possible for anyone who walks through our doors.

What Gloversville, NY Thinks About Fleming Physical Therapy

When I first came here I was a mess, chronic pain for years, trouble with basic adult functions. Driving, laundry, shopping, work, all of it! Kathleen was able to help me ease the muscle spasms enough to get back to basics; then she showed me how to correct it and how to avoid reaching the point of those extreme muscle spasms. As I found triggers, she showed me how to relieve them. We’ve now increased my strength to levels I never thought I would reach again. Thank you so much for all of the help you’ve given me. I have been able to come off of pain meds for the first time in 7 years and have done amazingly! I’m so excited to reclaim my life.

Amanda B.

I was unable to sleep comfortably, driving was painful and playing volleyball was painful. Many of my duties at home became intolerable. After completing PT I now have my freedom back. I’m able to do all the house duties, sports and can now sleep comfortably. I am also equipped with new knowledge of how to strengthen my shoulder and use KT tape to help support my shoulder as well.

Bethany M.

Here’s the story, I hurt something in my back at a football game one time and it hurt real bad. Could barely move and it was hard to do many activities as I once had. I go to the doctors and they say, “Go to physical therapy.” Oh boy…we decide to go to Fleming Physical Therapy. I’m seated and then a cheery lady walks in and says, “Hi I’m Kathleen, we’re going to be good friends.” From there on we work on stretches, bosu balls, x-ray things, etc. But now, I’m glad to say, Kathleen helped me get to where I can run, jump, practice and do many more than I could before, very thankful.

Cameron A.

I basically came to Fleming’s because I heard positive results from others about their experiences. I learned coping exercises to help me. If I was to say anything negative there would be nothing to say.

Carol J.

This is the second time Fleming PT has helped me out with back pain. Bob and his staff are very attentive, knowledgeable and know medically what I need to do to control my pain and live a normal lifestyle. When I came here 5 months ago, I could tell when it was going to rain, sleet or snow 2 days on advance, I could not sleep, I tossed and turned most nights hoping the weather would change quickly. Now the pain is so minimal and I sleep so much better and wake refreshed. I am a senior citizen, will always have back problems due to back surgery with metal rods but I know Fleming PT, I can come back to. I trust them; they did so much for me. Thank you, Bob, Kathleen Elizabeth and Cathy. Thanks doesn’t seem enough, you are hands on.

Christine S.

I requested P.T. due to the consultation with Ortho Dr. due to pain in ankle and leg causing me to be unable to conduct normal activities, sports etc. and having pain on a daily basis. After initial consultation at Fleming Physical Therapy, I was very happy with the friendly and helpful staff. The staff clearly explained diagnosis as well as a very clear plan of action. Any questions that I had were answered, which gave me great confidence in the staff allowing me to fully trust the plan we had and to work extra hard to complete our goals. It is also noteworthy that during my experience here, throughout my recovery effort, the staff, especially Kathleen helped to encourage me, always in a positive way, even when I was having a bad day. As stated, prior to arriving at P.T. I was in near-constant pain with limited mobility and unable to perform complex sporting activities due to my pain, upon completion of P.T. in only a short time, my pain is no longer present, my walking is normal compared to a limp prior to P.T. and I am now able to perform all activities as normal, including complex activities such as downhill skiing and golf. Once again, I cannot say enough about the staff for developing a good plan, gradually moving me step by step through the process, teaching and mentoring me along the way and pushing me to meet my goals. I would highly suggest to anyone to work with Fleming Physical Therapy to meet your goals.

Christopher C.

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