Christopher C.

Nov19th 2020

I requested P.T. due to the consultation with Ortho Dr. due to pain in ankle and leg causing me to be unable to conduct normal activities, sports etc. and having pain on a daily basis. After initial consultation at Fleming Physical Therapy, I was very happy with the friendly and helpful staff. The staff clearly explained diagnosis as well as a very clear plan of action. Any questions that I had were answered, which gave me great confidence in the staff allowing me to fully trust the plan we had and to work extra hard to complete our goals. It is also noteworthy that during my experience here, throughout my recovery effort, the staff, especially Kathleen helped to encourage me, always in a positive way, even when I was having a bad day. As stated, prior to arriving at P.T. I was in near-constant pain with limited mobility and unable to perform complex sporting activities due to my pain, upon completion of P.T. in only a short time, my pain is no longer present, my walking is normal compared to a limp prior to P.T. and I am now able to perform all activities as normal, including complex activities such as downhill skiing and golf. Once again, I cannot say enough about the staff for developing a good plan, gradually moving me step by step through the process, teaching and mentoring me along the way and pushing me to meet my goals. I would highly suggest to anyone to work with Fleming Physical Therapy to meet your goals.