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Physical Therapy Techniques Schenectady,Amsterdam & Gloversville, NY

Physical Therapy Techniques

Manual therapy refers to ‘hands-on’ therapy that includes such things as soft-tissue manipulation, forms of massage, joint manipulation, stretching.

Therapeutic exercise refers to exercises designed to restore movement, flexibility and muscle strength.

Neuro-muscular re-education is a form of therapeutic exercise but refers to situations where muscles and muscle systems are not working in the most coordinated and efficient manner.  This is something seen in some neurologic disorders as well as in chronic musculoskeletal conditions. This form of exercise is designed to restore optimal functioning of muscle systems. Gait refers to walking and the processes involved with walking. Balance is a key part of this as well. Our physical therapist analyze your walking and balance so we can identify any areas that need to be corrected so you can walk more normally.

Ultrasound is a device that is used to produce penetrating warmth to the muscles and tissues to promote relaxation and pain relief. Electrical stimulation is a type of modality used to provide pain relief by sending signals to the brain to attempt to reduce the perception of pain.

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