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Patient Results

  • A few simple things have impressed me. They say Hello and its great to see you today. They also tell me never to hesitate to call them with any questions or concerns. Who else does that?


  • Danielle is so nice and really patient with me. She takes time to explain things to me so I can understand what is going on. She is just great and the whole place is so helpful.


  • I just found the whole experience so wonderful. Everyone was always so nice to me. They were so helpful with scheduling appointments; I could always get the appointment times that worked best for me, I have a very busy schedule. Everyone just always seems so happy! It makes you feel good. Thanks again.


  • I was a wreck when I first went to physical therapy. Kay was very patient with me and really helped me understand what was happening with me. She is so nice and it is a real pleasure to work with her.


  • I wish I had come here to start with when I was first injured. The place I went to just put electrodes on me and I did a few simple exercises. At Fleming Physical Therapy, they took the time to work specifically with me and my problem. I’m feeling better now.


  • I like the fact that the therapist is working directly with me and truly seems interested in me. They say the most important thing is that I feel I am better, not any particular test or anything. I like that.


  • A positive thought leads to positive actions, which leads to positive results. This concept sets the tone for success, therefore describing simply my experience with therapist Robert Fleming, as with life itself. Enough said.


  • Thank you so very much for all your therapy. I am doing so well. I cannot believe that horrible pain has left me. Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart.


  • Dr. Fleming: Thank you for not just being a good physical therapist, but also a great listener and friend.


  • Thank you for all your help getting my balance better after falling and thanks to all of you for the very nice smiles and greetings I received coming to therapy. You are all really special.


  • I’m not sure I can fully express how grateful I am for Fleming Physical Therapy for helping me gain back much of the strength and mobility I lost following my accident. From day one the entire staff at Fleming Physical Therapy made me feel welcome. They were all focused on my needs and were always available to help with any questions I had. In these days of impersonal service and by the numbers approach, your group stands out as an organization that cares about each patient and their individual progress. I would strongly recommend Fleming Physical Therapy to my family, friends and wouldn’t hesitate to use Fleming Physical Therapy in the future if the need arose.


  • I was in so much pain in my neck and had such bad headaches that I just couldn’t do the things I wanted to do. Dr. Fleming took the time to help me understand what was going on with me and worked closely with my neurologist so we could get me feeling better. It really worked. It took time but Dr. Fleming encouraged me and showed me things I could do to help myself. I really want to thank you for everything you have done for me. You really made a difference in my life.


  • I always feel so welcome and feel like I am the most important person to them when I am in the office. You just don’t seem to get this kind of attention everywhere you go. It is the reason I would highly recommend anyone I know to go to Fleming Physical Therapy. They are the best!


  • They really do care about me and how I am doing. It really shows. Thanks so much!


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