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Kathleen Kosinski

Kathleen Kosinski PT, CLT,

Kathleen is a 1991 Physical Therapy Graduate of Daemen College. She is also a Certified
Lymphedema Therapist trained in the LeDuc Method. Her extensive clinical background also
includes inpatient rehabilitation, geriatric rehab, fall prevention/balance assessment, traumatic
brain injury, pediatrics as well as home care. She has 13 years of rehabilitation management
experience working not only with physical therapists, but occupational and speech therapists
and feels her close work with these disciplines has made her a more well rounded therapist in
her approaches with her patients. When not working with her patients in the clinic, she is also a
clinical liaison and therapist trainer for the Balance Engineering company working with new
technology in balance assessment, of which Fleming PT consultants is proud to have available
to our patients.
Her treatment approaches are most often centered around her love of soft tissue
mobilization/myofascial release treatment techniques for both orthopedic and neurological
diagnoses, especially to reduce pain to then improve function and quality of life. She is very
interested in the latest research in pain theory and treatment and truly enjoys the challenges of
working with patients struggling with chronic pain related dysfunction. She has taken advanced
training in pelvic floor dysfunction and plans to continue working toward her goal of
certification in this specialty area.
Kathleen feels her most important responsibility as a physical therapist is to provide her
patients the best information and education possible about their individual situation, and to
work together with them to develop a comprehensive individualized program designed to help
them reach their greatest potential and provide the confidence and skills needed to maintain
those gains for a lifetime of better living.
Kathleen would love to help you meet your particular goals, and encourages you to ask
questions and interact fully with your therapist so you have the greatest chance at the success
you desire and deserve!

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